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Asian Alaskan Cultural Center (AACC)

Asian Alaskan Cultural Center (AACC) is a nonprofit, tax exempt organization that has received a 501 (c) 3 status from the internal revenue service. It is run by a 16 member board of directors. Eight Asian countries are represented on the board. Board members are not required to join a specific Asian community organization but are encouraged to do so.

The objectives of the AACC are:

  • To promote mutual respect and understanding of the Asian and American cultures;
  • To promote programs and understanding between the Asian and Americans; and
  • To promote business/trade and cultural exchanges between Alaska and the Asian Pacific Rim countries

The formation of what would become the Asian Alaskan Cultural Center was initiated by Thelma Buchholdt in 1980. Three years later, in 1983, she convened an initial board of directors and registered the organization with State of Alaska. There were seven members on the initial board: Thelma Buchholdt, Aurora Hovland, Tsuguo Arai, Won Pal Chung, Pyong Sun Yi, Boo Yul Kim and Father Fred Burgarin, Jr.

The AACC is located at Northwood Elementary School, 4807 Northwood Drive, Anchorage, Alaska 99517. When the Anchorage School District needed assistance to renovate its school buildings, state funds for the construction of an Asian center obtained mainly through the legislative lobbying of Ms.Buchholdt, were included to renovate Northwood Elementary School. The AACC section of Northwood Elementary was completed and held its grand opening on February 13, 1988.

The AACC's major cultural events are Asian Culture Day presented to the Anchorage School District students and the Asian Culture Night presented to the public. For many years now, the AACC has been featuring the music and dances of Asian groups in Anchorage. As has been its practice, the AACC provides an opportunity for our local Asian people to share their cultural heritage with fellow Alaskans

Accomplishments and Goals
Asian Alaskan Cultural Center is also an integral part of Anchorage School Districts Bilingual Education. For more than the last decade, AACC has arranged one special performance just for the local K-12 students. In its mission, AACC has always emphasized the sharing of our cultural background and passing it on to the next generation. The awarding of annual high school scholarships, Dance Workshops at schools & the museum the educational aspect of our program and the beauty of our showcase annual event, all integrate into a community-wide service. A wide spectrum of Alaskans, along with many business supporters, makes this a very worthwhile event, enjoyed by one and all.
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